Solar panels are inexpensive to maintain because you do not need to hire a specialist, you can do most of the work yourself. Worried about the maintenance of your solar street lights? Well, read on to find out the basics of solar street light maintenance.


1. Clean the solar panel

Due to long time outdoor, a large number of dust and fine particles will be adsorbed on the glass surface, which will affect its work efficiency to a certain extent. So clean the panel at least once every six months to ensure the normal operation of the solar panel. Please refer to the following steps:

1) Wash off large particles and dust with clean water

2) Use a soft brush or soapy water to wipe off small dust, please do not use excessive force

3) Dry with a cloth to avoid any water spots2.1 Avoid being covered


2. Avoid being covered

Pay close attention to the shrubs and trees growing around the solar streetlights, and trim them regularly to avoid the solar panels being blocked and reducing the power generation efficiency.


3. Clean the modules

If you've noticed that your solar streetlights are dim, check the solar panels and batteries. Sometimes, it may be because the surface of the module needs to be cleaned. Since they are exposed to the outdoor environment most of the time, dust and debris do cover the outer layer of the module. Therefore, it is best to take them off the lamp housing and wash them thoroughly with soapy water. Finally, don't forget to dry the water to make them more shiny.


4. Check battery safety

Corrosion on the battery or its connections can cause a significant decrease in the electric output of the solar street light. To inspect the battery, carefully dismantle it from the fixture and then check for any dust or light corrosion near the connections and other metallic parts.


If you find some rust, just get rid of it with a soft bristle brush. If the corrosion is hard and the soft brush cannot remove it, then you should use sandpaper. You can also try some home remedies for removing rust. However, if you find that most of the battery is corroded, you should consider replacing it, especially if it has been functioning for at least 4 to 5 years.



Please don't buy spare parts from other home without telling us, otherwise the system will be damaged. 


Please don't debug the controller at will to avoid indirectly shortening or even ending the battery life.

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